March 29, 1996

Sources of the Griffith Buck Roses

During his tenure at Iowa State University, Dr. Griffith Buck developed more than 85 roses. Dr. Buck's roses are noted for their free flowering habit, disease resistance, and winter hardiness. Unfortunately, with the exception of 'CarefreeBeauty,' most home gardeners will be unable to find these roses at their local garden center. However, approximately 25 to 30 varieties can be purchased through mailorder sources. The following list of available varieties includes a brief description of each variety and mailorder sources.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Trees and Shrubs

Spring is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs. However, before going to the garden center or nursery, gardeners should do some preparatory work. Gardeners should examine the planting site, determine their landscape needs, and obtain pertinent information on possible plant materials. Some important plant characteristics are size, hardiness, susceptibility to insects and diseases, and soil requirements.