March 28, 1997

Growing Siberian Irises in the Home Garden

There are approximately 200 species of Iris. Bearded irises are one of the most common perennials in the home garden. Though less popular than the bearded irises, Siberian irises (Iris sibirica) are excellent perennials. They are hardy, easy to grow, and relatively trouble-free.

Iris flowers are composed of 6 segments. The inner 3 upright segments are the true petals and are referred to as standards. The drooping, outer 3 segments are petal-like sepals and are known as falls.

Annual Flowering Vines

"A physician may bury his mistakes...but an architect can only plant a vine".

Frank Lloyd Wright

Vines have a magical or mystical charm. Their rapid growth and twining habit makes them intriguing and fun to grow.