March 25, 2009

Earthworms in Lawns

A common springtime "problem" associated with earthworms is the movement of large numbers to places where they are unwanted, including onto sidewalks or patios and into swimming pools. Earthworms, especially "night crawlers" also may create casts and mounds that contribute to a rough and bumpy lawn surface.

Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - March 25, 2009


Termite swarmers have been sent in for identification already this year. See the article about swarmers and their recognition in this issue.

House centipedes can be found in the house any time of the year, including late winter and early spring.  See our Insect Note web site for more information.

Burrowing Webworms: An Occasional but Interesting Pest

The group of insects called the burrowing webworms includes several species of caterpillars occasionally found in home lawns and commercial turfgrass.

Termite Swarmers are a Sure Sign of Spring

Termite swarmers have been reported. The season is off and running!

Planting Onions in the Home Garden

Onions are one of the most popular vegetables in the home garden. They can be grown for green onions and dry bulbs.