March 21, 2007

Is This Plant Sick?

The first step in diagnosing plant problems is identifying the plant and recognizing normal growth. Often, what looks "sick" may actually be the normal growth habit of a plant. When the Plant Disease Clinic receives calls about sick-looking plants, it is always a joy to be able to tell the client that the plant in question is perfectly healthy.


Beets are often an overlooked, unappreciated vegetable. Yet, they are a nutritious and versatile vegetable. All parts of the beet plant are edible. The tops or greens are can be cooked and enjoyed like spinach or turnip greens. But it is the root that we prefer. While the bulbous roots are most often dark red, they can also be yellow, white, and striped like a candy cane. Don't let the color fool you -the white ones are as sweet and tasty as the red ones! Root shape can vary as well. They can be round, flat, or cylindrical.