March 20, 1998

Carpenter Ants in Trees

Carpenter ants have been one of our most common and annoying pests during the past several years. Though we usually think of carpenter ants as a household pest, they are regularly encountered in the landscape as an "occupant" of trees.

Carpenter ants commonly nest inside older trees that are hollow or in trees that have dead limbs and branches. The nests are in rotted, decayed wood, although some nests may extend into sound heartwood in the center of the tree.

Pruning Roses in the Spring

The upper portions of modern roses, such as hybrid teas, floribundas, and grandilfloras, typically winterkill due to exposure to low winter temperatures and extreme temperature changes. When the winter protection is removed from these roses in early to mid-April, gardeners should prune out the dead wood.

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs within the Home Landscape

Occasionally the need arises to move existing trees or shrubs within the home landscape. Small plants may be moved by home gardeners. Older, larger trees and shrubs should be left to professionals with the proper equipment.

The best time to transplant deciduous trees and shrubs is while they are dormant -- early spring before growth begins or in the fall after leaf drop. Evergreens are most successfully transplanted in early spring (late March and April) and late summer (mid-August to mid- September).