March 18, 1992

The Great Iowa Morel Hunt Continues

For seven years we have asked for your help in our ten-year survey of morels and false morels in Iowa. In 1984 Lois Tiffany and George Knaphus of the Botany Department at Iowa State University and Don Huffman of the Biology Department at Central College began a survey of morels and false morels in Iowa as a special project of The Prairie States Mushroom Club. We wanted to know how many kinds of morels and false morels occur in Iowa and the distribution of each kind in the state.

Home, Garden Pesticide Survey Results

The results of an EPA-contracted national survey on home and garden pesticide use are scheduled to be released soon. Conducted in 1990 by Research Triangle Institute, the one-time survey of more than 2,000 households in 58 counties across the country examined what pesticides are used for what pest problems, how often they are used and how they are applied, how unused pesticides are stored or disposed of, how empty pesticide containers are disposed of, the extend of child-resistant packaging, the effectiveness of ides, and which pests are major problems.

Selecting the Correct Garden Tool for the Job!

The choice of what garden tool to use depends upon the job. Always buy the best tool you can afford and don't buy what you don't need. It is an excellent idea to do some comparison shopping before purchasing. Although purchasing an expensive tool may hurt a little at first, quality is well worth the investment. When looking for tools look for quality workmanship. Avoid tools too heavy for the user or light tools which may not hold up under continuous use. Tools are designed for a specific purpose and should be used as such to prevent breakage and possible injury.