March 13, 1998

Planting Strawberries in the Home Garden

Fresh strawberries are delicious in desserts and fruit salads. They also make an excellent topping for ice cream, pancakes, and breakfast cereals. Fruit not eaten fresh, can be processed into jams or frozen.

Strawberries are well suited to the home garden. They require a relatively small amount of space in the garden, are hardy throughout Iowa, and are easy to grow.

Verticillium Wilt of Woody Plants

Verticillium wilt is a an occasional problem on many species of trees and shrubs in Iowa. It is most common on maples, but also occurs on ash, redbud, smoketree, and other tree and shrub species. Because its highly variable symptoms mimic those of declines caused by environmental stresses, Verticillium wilt is frequently misdiagnosed. Over 300 other woody and herbaceous plant species are known to be susceptible to Verticillium wilt.