March 10, 2000

Peach Leaf Curl

Peach leaf curl is another one of those plant diseases where control is not possible once the symptoms are obvious. The peach leaf curl fungus, Taphrina deformans, survives the winter in bark crevices and on bud scales. With the help of spring rains, the fungus finds its way to leaves as they begin to emerge.

Pruning Grapevines

For many home gardeners, pruning grapevines is a difficult, confusing chore. Fortunately, an understanding of the growth and fruiting characteristics of the grapevine should help simplify the pruning process.

Grapevines produce fruit clusters on the previous season's growth (two-year and older wood is not fruitful). Before pruning, a grapevine may have 200 to 300 buds which are capable of producing fruit. If the vine is left unpruned, the number of grape clusters would be excessive. The grapevine would be unable to ripen the large crop or sustain adequate vegetative growth.

White Grub Management in the Spring

The prolonged dry weather last fall lead to an abundance of white grub problems around the state. Many homeowners are contemplating what to do this spring to repair the damage and prevent its reoccurrence.