June 30, 1995

Dogwood Spittlebugs

The dogwood spittlebug is one of several species of this commonly recognized group of sap-feeding insects. Spittlebugs are familiar because of the frothy, wet mass of "spittle" that surrounds the nymphs as they feed on sap from their host plants. The spittle is produced by the immature stage of the insect (the nymph) and is a protection from natural enemies and desiccation.

Installing Concrete Pavers, Part Two

Last week's newsletter article dealt with colors, patterns and design techniques. This week's article gets to the fun part, installation.

Disease Problems on Rhubarb

Due to the cool, wet spring, we have seen a number of diseased rhubarb samples in the Plant Disease Clinic. Most of these samples are infected with Ascochyta leaf spot or anthracnose stalk rot.