June 27, 2014

New Emerald Ash Borer Publication Available

One of the challenges posed by the arrival of the emerald ash borer in Iowa is distinguishing emerald ash borer signs and symptoms from what is "normal" decline and damage to an ash tre

Mosquitoes Becoming Abundant Following Heavy Rains and Floods

Below is the summary of mosquito activity in Iowa from the ISU Medical Entomology Laboratory.

Periodical Cicada Flagging - The End is Near!

“All good things must come to an end” and that includes the cicada emergence of 2014.  Most of us will be sad to see them go, though many living in the midst of the emergence wil

Maintaining Your Yard in Summer

With a cool spring and plenty of rain, home turfgrass lawns are looking their best.  See the

Maintaining Container Gardens

 Container gardens are an excellent way to grow plants in limited spaces and to add variety and interest to the landscape.  See the