June 21, 1996

Strawberry Renovation

The end of June is typically the time when June-bearing strawberry beds are renovated in preparation for next year's harvest. However, because of the cool spring weather this year, many gardeners will still be harvesting at this time. Northern and central Iowa gardeners who can finish harvesting by July 10 can renovate as usual immediately after harvest. Southern Iowa gardeners can extend the date to July 15 and still renovate as usual.

Celebrate the Gardens and Arboreta of Iowa

There will be numerous special events across the state as Iowa celebrates its sesquicentennial in 1996. While taking in some of these celebrations, you may also want to visit some of the gardens and arboreta in Iowa. These gardens and arboreta celebrate the beauty and diversity of plant materials suitable for the state.

Ash Rust

Ash samples showing signs of rust have been arriving in the Plant Disease Clinic. Ash rust is caused by the fungus Puccinia sparganioides. Like other rust diseases, typical symptoms include the presence of bright orange pustules. Pustules may occur on leaves, petioles, and green twigs. Diseased tissue swells, causing distorted leaves and sharp bends in petioles. The spores of the fungus, yellow-orange in color, appear over the swollen areas. The canker-like areas on twigs and petioles may lead to browning of leaves in the early summer.