June 21, 2019

Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update – June 21, 2019

TSWV in tomato diagnosis

As the fourth of July holiday approaches, please keep in mind this will affect the regular clinic hours. Iowa State University will be closed July 4, and our building will be closed on July 5 for scheduled repairs. We encourage you to get samples to us before July 2 to avoid processing delays. We apologize for any inconvenience.

At Last! Fireflies and Japanese Beetles

Adult Japanese beetle photo by Laura Iles

Japanese beetle adult.  Photo by Laura Jesse Iles.

Watch For Jumping Worms

Adult jumping worm image from Wisconsin DNR

Adult jumping worm.  Photo from Wisconsin DNR.

Yard and Garden: Harvesting Cole Crops

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale and kohlrabi are collectively called cole crops and must be harvested at the right stage of maturity for best quality and nutrition.  Learn more about when to harvest broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower in the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Yard and Garden news release from June 20, 2019.

ISU Research Farm Demonstration Garden Field Days

Gardeners are invited to learn about growing cut flowers, sweet corn and tomatoes in the home garden during this year’s Demonstration Garden Field Days, hosted by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms. 

Yard and Garden: Selecting Perennials for the Home Landscape

Low maintenance perennial flowers provide many years of beauty to the home landscape or butterfly garden.  To learn more about low maintenance perennials for sunny, shady or wet locations see the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Yard and Garden news release from June 13, 2019.