June 21, 2006

Japanese Beetles Reported in Davenport

Duane Gissel, Scott County horticulture program assistant informed us this week that he has received his first call of the season about Japanese beetle. If the trend of the past few years persists, this will be the first call of many.

Boxelder Bug Nymphs

The boxelder bug (BEB) is a common and well-known insect in Iowa. Iowans are very familiar with the black-and-red adults that cluster on the south side of the house and invade during late fall in some years. It turns out, however, many are less familiar with the juvenile stage.

Rose Rosette Disease

Rose rosette is a fairly common disease of roses that can cause significant damage. Although more commonly known on weedy multiflora roses, we have received several samples of cultivated roses showing symptoms typical of this disease.