June 16, 2003

Annuals for Shade

Although most annuals prefer several hours of direct sunlight for best growth and bloom during the summer, there are a few annuals that prefer the darker corners of the garden.

Deadheading Herbaceous Ornamentals and Roses


The removal of spent flowers (deadheading) on annuals, perennials, and roses is an important gardening chore. Deadheading improves the appearance of many plants, encourages the formation of additional blooms, and prevents the development of unwanted fruits or seed pods.


Submitting Turf Samples

The activity of fungal pathogens, insects, and the weather can result in similar symptoms on turf. Diagnosing turf health problems can be difficult if a good sample, detailed information, and a photo of the overall symptoms are not provided. An accurate diagnosis is needed to implement a management practice that will improve the situation.

When submitting samples to a laboratory for diagnostic assistance, please follow these recommendations: Collect entire plants, including the root system.