June 16, 2000

EPA Fact Sheets on Mosquito Control

The US EPA has released five new consumer fact sheets about mosquito control insecticides. Topics covered include mosquito prevention techniques, the risks and benefits of pesticides used in mosquito control, and EPA's role in supporting state and local mosquito control programs.

The mosquito control fact sheets are:

Questions and Answers: Pesticides and Mosquito Control For Your Information: Larvicides for Mosquito Control For Your Information: Synthetic Pyrethroids for Mosquito Control For Your Information: Naled for Mosquito Control

Predicting the Harvest Time for the Flowering Vegetables

It is often difficult to estimate when vegetable crops will be ready to be harvested. Weather conditions effect growth and development of the crop and can advance or delay maturity. For flowering vegetables, days from flowering provides a fairly accurate determination of harvest time.

Days from Flowering to Maturity

A Tale of Two Beetles

Recent interest in the Japanese beetle has prompted questions about two other large "unusual" beetles that are moderately common throughout Iowa. Here are descriptions that should help identify the good, the bad and the ugly.