June 14, 2013

Mosquito Bite Prevention

 Speaking of mosquito control (article elsewhere in this issue) here is a list of alleged mo

Apple Scab and Flowering Crabapples

 The record rainfall this spring has created ideal conditions for the development of apple scab on crabapples.  Apple scab is caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis and is a se

Spraying for Mosquitoes in the Backyard

 Lots of people are asking about backyard mosquito treatments all of a sudden.  What a change from last year!

The preliminary steps we always mention to prevent mosquitoes are obvious – eliminate standing water, mow tall grass, check the bird bath, etc.  But what about attempting to control the mosquitoes that are already here?  Can I treat my yard and eliminate mosquitoes?

Yes.  Sort of.  Just don't get your hopes too high. 

Lawn and Garden Molds and Fungi

 Cool and wet conditions this spring have generated a bumper crop of fungi and molds in Iowa lawns and gardens.  Stinkhorns, slime molds and bird's nest fungi are just some of the strange