June 13, 2014

Irises for the Home Landscape

There are over 200 species of Iris.  Most irises grow from thick, underground stems or rhizomes.  A few species are bulbous.  An iris flower typically consists of 6 segments. 

Periodical Cicada Q&A, June 2014

It's been a great two weeks watching and listening to the periodical cicadas in central and southeast Iowa.  Most callers and email-writers are enjoying the spectacle these unique insects pr

2014 Mosquito Surveillance Begins

Mosquito population monitoring by the ISU Medical Entomology Laboratory began in central Iowa last month and around the rest of the state last week.  


Mosquito collection data can be viewed online at the Iowa Mosquito Net.  To view data for a specific trapping site click on "County" in the left hand column and then "View Raw Data" link at the bottom of the page.  Be patient while the pages load!


Central Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Production Field Days

Several field days of interest to Iowa Commercial fruit and vegetable growers have been announced.

Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Industry Newsletter Available

Commercial fruit and vegetable producers are encouraged to check out the latest issue of the IowaProduce.org Newsletter online at www.iowaprodu

Strawberries in the Home Garden

Strawberry season is upon us and home gardeners with a strawberry bed may have questions about picking, pests and production longevity.