June 13, 2012

Use of Mulch in the Home Landscape

Mulches provide numerous benefits to the home landscape; they suppress weeds, conserve soil moisture and protect plants from mechanical damage among other things.  Read more about mulches for

Renovation of June-Bearing Strawberries

A June-bearing strawberry planting can be productive for several years if the bed is given good care. One important task is to renovate June-bearing strawberries immediately after the last harvest. The renovation process involves leaf removal, creation of 8-inch-wide plant strips, and fertilization. After the initial renovation steps have been completed, irrigation and weed control are necessary throughout the remainder of the growing season. 

Euonymus Caterpillars Munch Through Windbreak

In late April the PIDC received a sample and pictures of caterpillars causing impressive damage to a European euonymus windbreak in Dubuque County. We determined that they were a species of er

Herbicide Drift Injury

Several pictures and samples have been coming into the PIDC showing plants with curling of leaves and tips of growing points.

Bee Balm is a Perennial Favorite

Bee balms come in a variety of colors and are a reliable perennial for the home or commercial landscape.  See the IS