June 13, 2007

Apple Scab on Crabapples

It's the time of year to start seeing apple scab. Apple scab is the most common disease of crabapple in Iowa.

Plant Disease Clinic Update - June 13, 2007

Samples with the following problems have been seen in the Clinic lately:

Angular leaf spot on zucchini

Apple scab on crabapple (see this week's article)

Environmental stress on maple and spruce (many samples)

Environmental tattering on oak and maple

Renovation of June-Bearing Strawberries

A June-bearing strawberry planting can be productive for several years if the bed is given good care. One important task is to renovate June-bearing strawberries immediately after harvest. The renovation process involves leaf removal, creation of 8-inch-wide plant strips, and fertilization. After the initial renovation steps have been completed, irrigation and weed control are necessary throughout the remainder of the growing season.

Carpenter Ants in Trees