July 25, 2007

Dobsonflies Always Attract Attention

One of the largest insects in Iowa is the dobsonfly (Corydalus spp., Neuroptera: Corydalidae), an aquatic insect from rivers and streams that is frequently found in town. These prehistoric-looking creatures measure two to four inches from the front of the head to the wing tips. They are soft-bodied and brownish-gray with the wings held roof like over the body. The wings have a large number of veins (lines) and are often mottled. The antennae are long and threadlike. A distinguishing characteristic is the mandibles.

Sap Beetles Love a Picnic


Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update July 25, 2007

Samples with the following problems have been seen in the Clinic lately:

Plant Diseases

Decline of trees

Environmental stress on many plants (see this week's article)

Stressed-Out Plants


Next Issue, August 8

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