July 19, 2002

Establishing Turf from Seed

Mid-August through September is the best time to establish turfgrass areas from seed. Sowing grass seed in late summer has several advantages over spring seeding. Grass seed germinates quickly in the warm soils of late summer. Once the grass seed germinates, the warm days and cool nights of fall promote rapid turf growth. Also, there will be less competition from weeds as fewer weed seeds germinate in late summer and fall.


Zinnias are special garden plants for several reasons. Who doesn't like zinnias? Who doesn't remember them growing in your grandmother's summer garden? Who hasn't collected a few flowers to put in a vase on the windowsill? And besides, how many other plants can you think of that have a name that begins with a 'z'? Combine the above remembrances and uses with a dizzying array of flower colors, various heights to suit any purpose, and an almost indestructibility in the garden, and zinnias are worthy of a one-of-a-kind reputation.