January 18, 2002

2002 All-America Selection Award Recipients

Eight new flower cultivars have been selected as All-America Selection award winners for 2002. To receive this award, each selection must possess unique or improved characteristics compared to existing cultivars. The large number of award winners makes this year a great opportunity to try some new flower cultivars. Below are brief descriptions of the All-America Selection flower winners for 2002.

Geranium 'Black Magic Rose'

Continuing Educational Opportunities

Listed below are upcoming programs/conferences of possible interest to home gardeners and horticulture professionals in the state. For additional information, contact the individual listed for each program. Please see individual programs for commercial pesticide applicator continuing instructional credit. January 24-26, 2002
Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Conference
Best Western Regency Inn, Marshalltown, Iowa.
Pesticide recertification offered January 25 for categories 1D (fruit and vegetable) and private.

Terrariums are Tops

With cool weather setting in and Old Man Winter coming upon us, a tropical paradise will help brighten an indoor room and combat the winter blues. One way to create a tropical oasis in the middle of winter is to build a terrarium. Terrariums are closed glass or transparent plastic containers used to create a 'mini environment' for plants. The principle behind a terrarium is simple. The water from the soil is taken up into the plant as it grows. The water is then released through the leaves via transpiration.