January 17, 2003

Award-Winning Plants for 2003

Every year brings a new collection of "plants of the year" from different organizations. This year is no different. In fact, 2003 brings in a bumper crop. Look for promotional flyers and campaigns for the following plants this year.

All American Rose Selections (AARS)

The AARS organization is promoting four roses for 2003. AARS has test sites across the United States, including one at Reiman Gardens in Ames. Each rose is evaluated for at least 2 years. Only those varieties that posses outstanding ornamental characteristics receive this honor.

Dry Winter Weather and its Effects on Landscape Plants

Many parts of Iowa have received little or no precipitation over the past 2 months. The dry weather has raised concerns about the condition of trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants.

All-America Award Winners for 2003

Ten new flower cultivars were given All-America Selection awards for 2003. To receive this award, a selection must possess unique or improved characteristics compared with existing varieties. The large number of award winners makes this year a great opportunity to try some new flowers. Below are brief descriptions of the 2003 All-America Selection award recipients.

'Prairie Sun' Rudbeckia