January 14, 2005

What's Normal?

A first step in diagnosing a plant problem is to know the identity of the plant species and what a healthy plant should look like. The characteristics of some plants change at different times of the year or as they age. Other plants produce structures or foliage color that is unusual, sometimes leading to a concern that the plants are diseased or infested by insects.

Award-Winning Annual Flowers for 2005

Many gardeners enjoy leafing through seed catalogs during the winter months looking for new varieties for the garden. Because of the huge number of varieties available, choosing a few new additions can be difficult. Before making any selections, be sure to check out the All-America Selections for 2005.

Since 1933, All-America Selection judges have been evaluating new flower and vegetable varieties in trial gardens all across North America. Based on their outstanding performance, three annual flower varieties have been chosen as All-America Selections for 2005.