January 14, 2000

Award Winning Flowers and Vegetables for 2000

Many gardeners enjoy leafing through seed catalogs during the winter months looking for new, exciting additions to the garden. With the wide variety of plant materials available, choosing a few new additions can be difficult. Before making any selections, be sure to check out the All-America Selections for 2000.

Since 1933, All-America Selection judges have been evaluating new flower and vegetable varieties in trials all across North America. Based on their outstanding performance, five flower and four vegetable varieties have been chosen as All-America Selections for 2000.

Upcoming meetings of interest

Upcoming state horticultural meetings of possible interest to HHPN readers are listed below. For additional information, contact the individual listed for each meeting.

All-American Rose Selections for 2000

The top picks in roses for 2000 combine fragrance, beauty, disease resistance, and flower power to shine into the next century.

And the Winners Are...

Americans love awards! Various organizations and businesses bestow awards on cars, trucks, music, movies, and books. Of course, the awards of most interest to gardeners are those given to plants. Two such awards are the Perennial Plant and Tree of the Year for 2000 The Perennial Plant Association is a national organization of growers, landscape designers, educators, and researchers. Promoting high nursery production standards and the planting of perennials are goals of the organization.