January 11, 2013

Air Layering Houseplants

Many houseplants don’t age gracefully. Some lose their lower leaves and become tall, leggy, and unattractive. Others simply become too big. Instead of tossing the plants, many

Horticultural Programs For 2103

Upcoming horticulture conferences/workshops of possible interest to HHPN readers are listed below. Additional information on each program is available from the listed contacts. 

Houseplant Pests

Winter is a common time for indoor houseplants to have insect and spider mite pests. The low numbers of pests that were on plants brought indoors last fall have spent the past 3 months reproducing and growing to the point that problems are often quite obvious by mid-winter. Read more about houseplant pests, their prevention and control in the ISU Extension & Outreach news release for January 10. 2013.