February 9, 2001

Diazinon Phaseout Beginning

Reprinted from Kansas Pesticide Newsletter , Kansas State University. January 12, 2001, Volume 24, No. 1.

In a December 5, 2000 news release, EPA announced an agreement to phase-out diazinon, one of the most widely used insecticides in the United States, for indoor uses, beginning in March 2001, and for all lawn, garden and turf uses by December 2003.

Ambruzs joins Plant Disease Clinic

Welcome! Barbara Ambruzs is a new member of the Plant Disease Clinic team. Barbara received her Master's degree in plant pathology from Colorado State University in 1999. During her studies and after graduation she worked as the diagnostician in the Plant Identification and Diagnostic Service at Colorado State.

Pruning Neglected Apple Trees

Old, neglected apple trees that haven't been pruned for several years are often tall, densely branched, unproductive, and may contain a large number of dead branches. Fruit produced on neglected trees are generally small, poorly colored with a low sugar content, and misshapened. (The misshapened fruit are caused by insect and disease pests.) Though trees may be old, structurally sound trees can produce good quality fruit if properly renovated and managed.