February 8, 2002

Upcoming Programs and Conferences

Listed below are upcoming programs/conferences of possible interest to home gardeners and horticulture professionals in the state. For additional information, contact the individual listed for each program March 11, 2002
Dwarf Conifer Symposium (Reiman Gardens Lecture Series)
Scheman Building, Iowa State Center, Ames, Iowa
Program Information: Anjanette Fisher (515) 294-4202

Growing Caladiums in the Home Landscape

Caladiums are tropical plants grown for their colorful foliage. The multi-colored leaves are combinations of green, white, pink, or red. There are fancy-leaved varieties with heart-shaped foliage, strap-leaved varieties with narrower, elongated leaves, and dwarf varieties. Plant heights vary from 18 to 24 inches for the fancy-leaf types to 8 to 12 inches for the dwarf varieties.

Damping Off

Damping off describes the usually sudden destruction of newly germinated seeds or seedlings. Young plants can be attacked at all stages, before germination (pre-emergence damping off) and after seedlings grow from the soil (post-emergence damping off). All types of plants including turf, trees, vegetables, and flowering plant seedlings can be affected.

Symptoms caused by chemical toxicity, extremes in soil moisture and temperature, and poor seed health can mimic damping off.

Dursban Insecticide No Longer in Stores

The following information was received from Dow AgroSciences LLC, manufacturer of Dursban (chlorpyrifos) insecticide and summarizes the marketing changes that went into effect on January 1. More information can be obtained from the EPA website .

For the Love of Roses

While you are shopping for the perfect rose for your sweetheart, remember that both men and women have a long history of loving and growing this thorny perennial. Its sentimental appeal as a cut flower and in the garden has never wavered.