February 5, 1999

1999 All-American Selection Award Recipients

Eight new flower and four new vegetable varieties were given All-American Selection awards in 1999. To receive this award, the selection must possess unique or improved characteristics compared to existing varieties. The large number of award winners makes this year a great opportunity to try some new flower and vegetable varieties.

Below are brief descriptions of the 1999 All-American Selection recipients.

Insecticide Chalk

"It's d j vu all over again." In the Horticulture and Home Pest News, April 3, 1991, we included an article about the hazards of using illegal "insecticide chalk" for household pest control. The problem is still out there, as indicated in this the California Environmental Protection Agency news release (modified).



Undoubtedly, the most popular perennial in today's shade garden is the hosta. While the hosta's popularity is justified, there are other perennials that also deserve a place in the shade garden. The lungwort (Pulmonaria sp.) is one such perennial.

All-American Rose Selections

Each year a number of new rose varieties are chosen as All-American Rose Selection (AARS) winners. Roses that are selected have undergone a two-year trial at sites across the country. The selected roses must not only be beautiful but also must be easy to grow and adaptable to a wide range of climates. The selections for 1999 are an eclectic mix of forms with a little spunk and spice for good measure.