February 27, 2004

Mealybugs: a Common Houseplant Pest

Houseplants - wonderful, living, green additions to a domicile that soften harsh interior edges, provide oxygen to the environment, and remind us of spring activity during these snowy days of winter. Proper watering and fertilization with sufficient light exposure constitutes the primary care needed for houseplants.

Growing Tuberous Begonias in the Home Garden

Tuberous begonias (Begonia x tuberhybrida) are attractive flowering plants for partially shaded, protected sites in the home landscape. They are suitable for pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, and beds or borders. Tuberous begonias are available in a variety of flower colors, forms, and growth habits. Blossoms may be single or double, plain or ruffled, and are available in white, pink, red, orange, yellow, and bicolors. Plants may be upright or trailing.