February 13, 2004

Upcoming Horticultural Meetings

Upcoming state horticulture meetings of possible interest to Horticulture and Home Pest News readers are listed below. For additional information, contact the individual listed for each meeting.

Organic Gardening Primer

March 8, 2004
Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Program Information: Lisa Orgler (515)294-7569

Shade Tree Short Course

March 9-10, 2004
Scheman Building, Iowa State Center, Ames, Iowa
Program Information: Jeff Iles (515)294-3999

Black Knot on Plum and Cherry Trees


As you look outside at your favorite plum or cherry tree, you may notice something quite shocking (disgusting to some) on the branches of the tree. Large black swellings can sometimes take over most of the woody parts of the tree. What could these unsightly swellings be? The answer is most likely black knot.

Whip or Tongue Grafting of Apple Trees

Many home gardeners consider grafting to be difficult. However, most gardeners can successfully graft fruit trees with a little practice. Grafting can be a very important tool for the home gardener. For example, if the identity of an old, declining apple tree is unknown, grafting becomes the only means to perpetuate the tree. (Fruit trees don't come true from seed.)

New Shrub Introductions

Each year new annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs appear in garden centers, nurseries, and catalogs. Endless Summer hydrangea and 'Tri-Lights' azalea are two colorful shrubs that should be widely available in 2004.

Endless Summer Hydrangea