December 8, 2010

Hollies for the Iowa Landscape


Beginner Beekeeping Courses Scheduled For 2011

The Iowa Honey Producers Association (IHPA) will conduct beekeeping courses in several locations across the state to help those interested in beekeeping get started. For 2011, course locations and details are listed as follows:

Winterset Library – Classes to begin in the end of January or beginning of February.  Instructor: Pat Randol. Contact Pat at 515-210-7445 for details.

Help Reiman Gardens Get a Rain Garden Grant

Your vote could help Reiman Gardens obtain a grant to construct a demonstration rain garden. Reiman Gardens, located at the entrance to Iowa State University and the city of Ames is one of the largest public gardens in Iowa.  Read more about the gardens.

Year of the Turtle

Who doesn't like turtles?  In the garden they occasionally eat plants, but also insects, slugs and snails.


Welcome, Joe Hannan, Extension Commercial Horticulture Specialist

Joe Hannan has been named the Iowa State University Extension commercial horticulture specialist for central and western Iowa.