December 8, 1995

Termite Distribution Update: New County Record

The discovery of a single incidence of termites in a house at the north end of Big Spirit Lake last summer was the first confirmed report of termite activity in Dickinson County. This brings to 94 the number of Iowa counties where termites have been reported. In other words all but 5 counties have had activity by termites reported at one time or another. In spite of the widespread nature of termites in Iowa, they remain a spotty and highly localized pest. That is, termites vary greatly from place to place, not only within the state but within a county and even within a neighborhood.

The Legends and Traditions of Holiday Plants

There are many traditions associated with the holidays. Many involve plants. Evergreen trees, poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe played important roles in ancient legends and rituals, but have evolved into traditions associated with the Christmas season.

The Christmas Tree