December 5, 2003

Rooting and Growing a Pineapple

When using a fresh pineapple, don't throw away the leafy top portion of the fruit. The leafy top can be rooted and turned into a unique houseplant.

Upcoming Programs


There are several programs available during the 2004 winter months that may be of interest to our readers. Contact numbers are listed for more information on the program content.

Turfgrass Conference
January 26-28, 2004
Des Moines, IA
Program Information: Iowa Turf Office

Iowa Fruit/Vegetable Growers Conference
Marshalltown, IA
Program Information: Joyce Hornstein

Shade Tree Short Course
March 9-10, 2004
Ames, IA


Recycling Christmas Trees

Iowans will buy several hundred thousand Christmas trees this holiday season. After the holidays, there are several ways to dispose of or recycle your tree. (Before recycling your Christmas tree, remove all tinsel and ornaments.) Some suggestions are: