December 13, 1996

Deicing Materials for Slick Sidewalks and Roads

Having just returned from a Thanksgiving holiday where ice has been a major problem already this winter, a discussion on deicing materials seems appropriate. Ice on sidewalks and roadways makes for a hazardous combination to people and property. Removal of compacted snow and ice with shovels or snow blowers isn't always easy or effective. The use of a chemical deicer may be needed to facilitate removal.

ISU Internet Connections to Horticulture

A large number of Iowa State University Extension services to home gardeners and professionals that work with home gardeners are now consolidated into the Home Horticulture Resource Center. Available services include: the Hortline, newsletters, newspaper columns, publications, a video lending library, and information via the Internet. The following is a list of Internet services available from the Home Horticulture Resource Center.

Home Horticulture and Home Pest News ISU Consumer Horticulture Home Page Reiman Gardens Publications

Basal Rot of Prickly Pear

Basal rot of prickly pear and other cactus species usually develops near the soil line. Symptoms may include a discoloration of tissue, (yellowing or browning), a water-soaked rot, and eventual collapse of the entire plant.

Cockroaches and "The Bomb"

You've probably heard the story about cockroaches surviving a nuclear war: we die but they live! This is supposed to make you feel better when you have trouble getting rid of these critters.

So, the real truth: radiologists have found that humans can safely withstand a one-time exposure of 5 rems (A "rem" is the dosage of radiation that will cause a specific, measured amount of injury to human tissue). A lethal dose is 800 rems or more (people are exposed to about 16 rems during their lifetime).