August 8, 1997

Beneficial Insect "Trading Cards"

Entomologists at the Illinois Natural History Survey have produced a convenient set of identification cards for beneficial insects common to the Midwest. This easy-to-use guide consists of 31 plastic-laminated cards about the size of baseball trading cards. The rugged cards withstand dirt and moisture and are fastened together in one corner so the set can be carried to the garden when necessary to distinguish between pests and beneficial insects.

Farewell, Sherry!

During her 6 years at Iowa State, Sherry Rindels has made a great impact in horticulture extension. She answered nearly 45,000 calls on Hortline during her first 5 years and wrote numerous HHPN articles and Yard and Garden columns and was a regular on the WOI radio horticulture call-in program. She assisted with the Master Gardener Program and was State Master Gardener Coordinator in 1996-97. In 1995 she began coordinating the home demonstration gardens at the Outlying Agriculture Research Farms. Sherry's hard work and positive attitute will be missed!

Mid-summer Weed Control in the Garden

Regardless of the growing conditions - too dry, too wet, too hot, too cold - weeds in the garden seem to flourish. When the growth of our crops and flowers slow down due to stressful growing conditions, the weeds take over. There are several reason why we need to keep weeds under control in our flower and vegetable gardens. Weeds are strong competitors with garden crops for available water, nutrients, and sunlight.