August 27, 2008

Germination of Walnuts

Walnut trees can be easily grown from seeds by following a few simple steps.

Collect walnuts after they fall to the ground. Remove the husks and then place the nuts in water. Nuts that float are not viable and can be discarded. Good, viable nuts will sink to the bottom.

Before the walnuts will germinate, the nuts need to be exposed to cold temperatures and moist conditions. The cold-moist requirement can be met by planting the nuts in the ground in fall. Plant walnuts 1 to 2 inches deep.

Harvesting and Storing Winter Squash

Harvest winter squash when the fruit are fully mature. Mature winter squash have very hard skins that can't be punctured with your thumbnail.

Baldfaced Hornet Nests Become Apparent in Autumn


Magnolia Scale Insect