August 27, 1999

Household Accidental Invaders

It is once again the time when insects inadvertently enter homes and buildings from the surrounding landscape. Common accidental invaders include boxelder bugs, multicolored Asian lady beetles, pine seed bugs, spiders, hackberry psyllids and elm leaf beetles.

Accidental invaders are generally harmless to people and property. They do not feed on people, pets, houseplants, stored products, or furnishings. They cannot sting and they do not carry disease. Accidental invaders cannot reproduce indoors. They are nuisances just by their presence, especially when they occur in large numbers.

Harvesting and Storing Onions

Onions should be harvested when most of the tops have fallen over and begun to dry. Carefully pull or dig the bulbs with the tops attached.

How to Transplant Peonies

The peony has been a popular perennial in American gardens since the 1800's. The peony is hardy, dependable, long-lived, and easy to grow. Gardeners value the peony for its large, colorful flowers in spring and attractive, season-long foliage.