August 26, 2009

Care of Amaryllis in Fall

Some individuals discard the amaryllis after flowering. Others keep the plant from year to year. In order to bloom again, the amaryllis needs proper care in fall. 

Dragonflies Put On An Aerial Display

Two years ago we wrote about the exciting phenomena of seeing swarms of dragonflies on a muggy, late summer evening. Several calls and messages over the past few days indicate others ar

Yellowjacket and Paper Wasp Pests of Fruit

 Late summer is the time of year when wasps become most noticeable in Iowa. Unfortunately, one of the places they are noticed is in the orchard and vineyard

Rooting Annuals in Late Summer

The lives of most annuals end with the first hard frost in fall. However, it is possible to save several annuals from year to year by taking and rooting cuttings in late summer. Annuals t