August 25, 2010

Preserving the Bounty of the Garden

Avid gardeners around Iowa are currently picking tomatoes, squash, and other produce in mass quantities. During this peak in harvest, small blemishes on the fruit and weeds between the rows become less important. Even as gardeners enjoy this bountiful success, they sometimes struggle with what to do after it is picked. 

Why so Many Dragonflies?

Alert readers across Iowa and in neighboring states are asking, "Why are there are so many dragonflies this summer?" I'm not sure what explains this larger-than-normal number of drag

Mosquito Repellents are the Way to Go

The mosquitoes this summer have hit all time highs and have been a real deterrent to working in the garden. Mosquito population trends for the summer have reached four times the number from last year. See Dr Bartholomay's ISU Mosquito Surveillance website for more information.

Giant Mosquitoes Invade Iowa


Galls on Oak Leaves and Twigs

The Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic has been receiving many inquiries about strange bumps and growths on oak tree twigs and leaves.

Summer Swelter Stresses Iowa Lawns

Mild growing conditions in the spring and early summer produced beautiful lawns across Iowa, but excessive heat and rainfall have produced some weary and weedy lawns that will need assistance to recover this fall. Statewide precipitation rates well above normal provided ample water for lawn growth, but while your sprinklers may have been growing cobwebs, lawns in Iowa were being set up for decline from diseases, weeds, insects, and summer stress.