August 24, 2001

Ultrasonic Pest Control - Buyer Beware

The following is a news release from the Federal Trade Commission, Washington D.C., dated May 3, 2001. The FTC's action matches our past statements of opinion; there is no research to support the claims that ultrasonic devices will eliminate unwanted rodent and insect pests.

Control of Broadleaf Weeds in the Lawn

Dandelion, plantain, and white clover are common perennial broadleaf weeds in lawns. Broadleaf weeds in lawns can be removed manually by pulling and digging or destroyed with broadleaf herbicides.

In small areas, some weeds can be controlled by pulling and digging. This method is best accomplished after a heavy rain or deep watering. Unfortunately, pulling and digging is often ineffective on deep-rooted weeds.