August 12, 2009

Dogwood Sawfly

Sawfly larvae look like caterpillars and feed on leaves like caterpillars, but sawflies are wasps. We have several common sawflies in Iowa that are bothersome to gardeners; the pearslug whose larvae feed on the leaves of a variety of fruit trees, the roseslug on roses, the scarlet oak sawfly that feeds on oak, the willow sawfly, and the

Insect Population Predictions: Or, Where Are All the Monarchs

One of the questions we have the hardest time answering is Where are all the (insert insect of interest) this year? The simple answer is – we don't know. The longer answer is that t

Harvesting and Storing Potatoes

Potatoes grown for winter use should be harvested after the vines have died and the crop is mature. To check maturity, dig up one or two hills of potatoes.&n