August 10, 2011

Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - August 10, 2011

The following are highlights and updates about samples and questions recently received in the Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic:

Mosquito Activity Low in Most of Iowa

Below is the summary of mosquito activity in Iowa from the ISU Medical Entomology Laboratory. Mosquito surveillance in Iowa has been ongoing since 1969. During the summer months, the Iowa

Seeding a New Lawn


Harvesting and Storing Onions and Garlic


Harvesting vegetables at the right stage of maturity results in high quality, nutritious products.  If properly harvested and stored, onions and garlic will keep most of their original flavor and food value for months. See the ISUE Yard & Garden Column for August 4, 2011 for answers on when to harvest and how to store onions and garlic.



Asian Longhorned Beetle Update. Beetles Found in Ohio

Earlier this summer the Asian longhorned beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis, was found in Bethel, Ohio (30 miles southeast of Cincinnati). The infestation was identified after a propert