April 5, 2006

Underappreciated Fungi

When asked to describe a fungus, many people might detail the problematic blue-green fuzzy growth found on an old piece of cheese lost in the refrigerator or on stale pieces of bread left on the counter too long. Others might speak angrily of the fungi that cause unsightly black spots and loss of leaves on their roses or crabapple trees.

Growing Bee Balms in the Home Garden

In July and August, the attractive flowers of bee balm (Monarda) are a common sight in gardens, along roadsides, and in prairies. The flowers are produced atop 2- to 4-foot-tall plants. The 1 1/2- to 3-inch-wide flower heads are composed of slender, tubular flowers. Flower colors include white, pink, red, lavender, and purple.