April 3, 1998

Dothistroma Needle Blight

It's not hard to find a good case of Dothistroma needle blight in Iowa. It's a common disease problem on Austrian pine. The fungus Mycosphaerella pini is responsible for the disease.

Dothistroma needle blight is fairly easy to diagnose; specialized laboratory equipment is not needed. Early symptoms consist reddish-brown spots or bands on needles. The ends of infected needles eventually turn brown from the banded area outward, with the base of the needles remaining green. (Winter injury may also cause browning of needle tips, but spots and bands are not evident.)

Trees and Shrubs Adapted to Partial Shade

Some individuals consider shady sites to be problem areas in the home landscape. However, shady areas actually provide opportunities for home gardeners. Wise plant selection can turn a shady site into an attractive landscape area. A number of trees and shrubs can be successfully grown in partial shade. (Partially shaded sites receive 3 to 4 hours of direct sun, but are in shade the rest of the day.)

Below is a list and brief description of trees and shrubs adapted to partial shade.

Mole Problems Surface Early

It might be the weather. It might be growing intolerance. But here it is early April, and "mole rage" is already widespread throughout the state.