April 28, 2010

Springtime Yard and Garden Safety Resources

As the spring gardening season blossoms, there are several safety resources to consider. Whether you are planning to dig or apply pesticides, there are organizations that can help. Typically, they are just a call or click away.

Bed Bug Resource Available


Early Spring Vegetable Garden Actions

In just a few short weeks we will pass the frost-free date, May 10th, for most of Iowa. Then, gardeners will finally be able to plant warm season vegetables.

Foliar Nematodes Lunch on Leaves

Foliar nematodes are not very common in the Iowa landscape, but the ISU Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic does receive samples occasionally. Nematodes are worm-like organisms that have a wide and varied diet. Many species are predaceous and feed on other nematodes and some species are used for biological control of insect pests. Many other species feed on fungi or bacteria. Nematodes that feed on plants are considered plant parasitic nematodes and some of these species are considered pests, including foliar nematodes.