April 25, 2014

Count Down to Cicadas!

 If the periodical cicadas are on time, we should hear the first of them a month from today.  Be the first to report them in your area by sending an email to

It's Time to Plant!

 Plant a Tree


There are many reasons to plant a tree in Iowa besides to celebrate Arbor Day on April 25, 2014. Trees conserve energy, bring beauty to the yard, attract birds and help clean the air, to name just a few. See the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach news release for April 24, 2014 for more on proper tree planting techniques.  


Plant Garden Mums

Planting Tomatoes in the Home Garden

 Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable in the home garden.  Tomatoes are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.  While most tomatoes are red, there are also yell