April 25, 1997

Perennials with Colorful Foliage

Most perennials are grown for their attractive flowers. They bloom for a few days or weeks, but are green, unassuming plants during the remainder of the growing season. There are, however, some perennials that have colorful foliage. These perennials add color to the garden from spring to fall. The following is a partial list of perennials that possess attractive foliage.

National Horticulture Conferences

Two national horticulture organizations are sponsoring excellent conferences this summer that should appeal to a wide audience, both professionals and volunteers. Below is information on those conferences:

Planting Tender Perennials

The words "tender perennial" sounds a bit like a contradiction. The group of plants considered "tender perennials" in Iowa can be overwintered in gardens in warmer climates. However, in order to keep these plants from year-to-year in the midwest, the rhizomes, corms, or tubers need to be dug in the fall and stored indoors over the winter months. A few plants considered tender perennials include: dahlia, gladiolus, tuberous begonia, canna, calla lily, and caladium. Below are some tips on planting and growing tender perennials in your garden.