April 23, 2004

Mycorrhizal Fungal Inoculants to Soil - No Answers Yet

Debate continues to rage over the validity of applying spores of mycorrhizae-forming fungi to the backfill soil as a way of ensuring landscape plant establishment, improving post-plant performance, and reducing post-plant stress. Mycorrhizal fungi (either naturally occurring or artificially introduced) are able to colonize the roots of woody plants and provide benefits such as, (1) increased water and mineral element uptake, (2) increased resistance to environmental extremes, and (3) increased resistance to disease-causing pathogens.

Answers to Frequently Asked Rose Questions


Roses are one of the most beautiful plants in the home landscape. While roses are attractive, they do require good care. Answers to several frequently asked questions on rose care and maintenance are provided below. 

Q. How often should I water my roses?