April 20, 2001

Not Black Knot!!! A Disease of Plum and Cherry

Are you taking more time getting from one place to the next rather than making a beeline to the warmth of shelter? There is a lot to see outside this time of year. Black knot is one of the curiosities that some people are taking notice of lately. Several examples of this disease were submitted to the ISU Plant Disease Clinic over the past few weeks.

Spring - Clover Mites

Clover mites are very tiny arachnids that live and reproduce outdoors, but are frequently encountered as an accidental invader household pest in early summer and in the fall when they migrate into dwellings by mistake. They are only 1/64th inch long, soft, oval, and flattened from top to bottom. They vary from rusty brown to dark red. A distinguishing characteristic is the pair of very long front legs that extend forward like antennae.

Planting Sweet Corn in the Home Garden

Sweet corn, a warm season crop, is one of the most popular vegetables. An excellent summer treat, sweet corn may also be canned or frozen for year round use.